Shark Island

Rating: Advanced / Depth: 4m – 25m

Sorry, no sharks here! The site gets its name from the shape of the island which, with some imagination, looks like the dorsal fin of a giant shark. Located 300m off the Southeast corner of Koh Tao, this is one of the few sites where the current can be strong enough that choosing another location would be the only sensible choice to make. When it’s calm though its beautiful. Shark Island has an abundance of soft and hard corals interspersed between towering boulders.Yellow-Tail Barracuda, friendly Batfish and a large school of Weibel’s Butterflyfish all have a fascination with divers and you will often find yourself with a few new buddies on your dive! Polka Dot Nudibranch seem to love this site as well as their mutli-coloured Wart Slug cousins. It is also one of the few places around Koh Tao to see the Orange-Spined Unicornfish. A shallow area on the East side of the island called the Aquarium is the perfect place to end the dive. As its name suggests, it is just like being in a life-sized fish bowl. Surrounded on three sides by large boulders, the Aquarium is full of hard corals and colourful reef fish. Small silver baitfish seek sanctuary here from hunting Trevally, only to come across metre-long Crocodile Needlefish.

Divesite Shark Island